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Safeguard Your Assets & Players Careers

For Agents and their Players

Online Close Protection

Our full risk profiling and pro-active investigation into identity exposure,  misuse of personal details and social media profiles will  lower digital risks for key players. Monitoring activities identifies groups or individuals that pose an ongoing threat.

CyberPatrol provides Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) for PII data and social media accounts. Early warning and ongoing monitoring allows us to pre-empt potential attacks and establish countermeasures to minimise or neutralise the threat. 

Best in Class

The solutions that protect you and your players were developed and used at major events, including the Olympic Games.

Mitigating Cyber  Risk

Providing both you & your Player with a bespoke, exclusive service that is not available to the main-stream market!

24/7 Monitoring & Protection

Each Player is shielded; their sensitive data, assets and reputation are moni-tored 24/7 by our team of  threat analysts (Ex-Military & Ex Metropolitan Police).

You have a choice

You have a choice. To work with the highest levels of cyber protection or to continue as you are and hope that you and your Players stay lucky.

Blue Surface

Digital Risk Protection monitoring for virtually any type of information across the surface, deep and Dark Web - 24 hours a day.

We enhance your Players monitoring with Analyst Services to handle specialist sources and extended social media coverage where automated data collection isn’t possible.

We are currently protecting a select group of celebrities who are internationally known in the worlds of fashion, business, politics, media, sport and TV.

We don’t only focus on protecting football players, we also provide protection to a global family of corporate, commercial, charitable, and private clients.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Business Partners


Products Installed


Countries World Wide


Industry Awards

Our Partners

We protect you, your assets & your reputation. Not just your computer.

This is a great opportunity to work at the highest levels of cyber protection with a bespoke, exclusive service that is not available to the mainstream market. There's no obligation, and certainly no pressure, but, together, we just may figure out the perfect solution for both you and the people most important to both you and your your team.

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