A fully automated solution to detect data breaches and monitor for potential risks and threats to your business, yourself and your family outside your network

With an amalgamation of professional standards, great management and highly experienced personnel, we provide a service to meet our clients’ requirements. Our Online Close Protection Services are diverse and tailored to our clients’ needs. We understand the balance between business and family life, and the need to fit around the client whilst giving the best protection possible.

Cyber Patrol is  privately owned giving us great strength and international reach, enabling us to offer our clients intelligence-based security solutions in support of protective online security.







Our team is Lead by Ian Ray; having spent over 20 years in the security industry working for companies on a global market. Ian has developed a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of the digital security sector.  When forming Cyber Patrol he saw an opportunity to create a trusted, bespoke security business targeted at the high end market, designed to have an emphasis on working in partnership with clients in a global market to provide a new approach to Security - Online Close Protection.

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