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VIP Protection

Digital Risk Protection for High Profile Individuals & Sports Professionals


Know if your VIPs are targeted by bad actors

Doxing is the practice of publishing private information about an individual or organisation. Your senior manage-ment team or individuals important to your business operations may be targeted by criminals motivated by money, revenge, ideology, or other motives. Depending on the objectives of the hacker they may • Shame or harass a Players, negatively impacting their reputation Attempt to expose compromising information which is then used to exhort or coerceDirect them to a bogus website to pharm personal information including passwords, next of kin etc. • Launch a physical attack. Early warning and ongoing monitoring of Players allow you to pre-empt potential attacks and establish countermeasures to minimise or neutralise the threat. CyberPatrol provides automated monitoring for PII data and social media accounts and handles and provides analyst services to help you deal with the threat.

The beauty of the CyberPatrol Digital Risk Protection is its ability to monitor for virtually any type of information across the surface, deep and Dark Web - 24 hours a day. Be the first to know of threats to your Players or exposed personal data with instant alerts by email, SMS or Slack. Enhance their monitoring with Analyst Services to handle specialist sources and extended social media coverage where automated data collection isn’t possible.

VIP protection from CyberPatrol

Solution benefits Inform targeted individuals and warn of risks and threats • Identify the source of information (e.g., social media, public records) and ensure privacy for other employees • Request the takedown of a post if possible

Active search features • Search historical breached data • Pro-actively monitor the deep, surface, and Dark Web for any mentions of your Players in the future

Create flexible alerts monitors • Email addresses • Contact details, including post code • Social media account names or handles


Round-the-clock monitoring with add-on services to enhance social coverage

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