dark web monitoring


Our cloud-based tools keeps watch over you "outside the firewall" for sensitive data being marketed, leaked or sold online through to threat analysis. We provide you and your family with in-depth, real-time monitoring and alerting of hundreds of millions of social media posts, opens digital channels and Dark Web sources within one secure platform.

Outside the network


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Our Mission


A fully automated solution to detect data breaches and monitor for potential risks and threats to your business, yourself and your family outside your network.


Years of perfecting innovative, automated and integrated solutions for Dark Web monitoring to search for and find your data.

Selection of hacked celebrities

Mark Zuckerberg | Mick Jagger | Jack Dorsey | Sundar Pichai | Daniel Ek | Travis Kalanick | Brendan Iribe |  Vanessa Hudgens | Ashley Greene | Jude Law | Scarlett Johansson | Sofia Vergara | Mila Kunis | Werner Vogels |  Justin Timberlake | Blake Lively | Demi Lovato | Jennifer Lawrence | Rita Ora | Hugh Grant | McKayla Maroney | Mikkel Svane | Nicole Scherzinger | Leslie Jones | Kate Hudson | Gabrielle Union | Rosario Dawson | Paige | Blake Lively | Kate Upton | Vanessa Hudgens | Kirsten Dunst | Christina Hendricks | Martin Shkreli | Sarah Silverman |  Katie Cassidy | Analeigh Tipton | Mary Elizabeth Winstead | Jessica Brown Findlay | Aubrey Plaza | Mark Suster | Randi Zuckerberg | Anil Dash | Markus Persson | PewDeePie | Jim Chapman | Kevin Allocca  | Ree Drummond | Matthew Yglesias | Joel Zimmerman | Eric Wahlforss | Katy Perry | Kristian Nairn | Ezra Klein | Channing Tatum | NFL | Drake | Kylie Jenner | Tenacious D | Lana Del Ray | Cody Wilson | Chelsea Handler

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