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Cyber Patrols VPN  Professional Account Admin Management Service

Cyber Patrol provides a professional account admin management service. The account admin service assigns specific dedicated VPN IP’s to any staff member or individuals for secure restricted resources. We update employees' information or change user passwords easily all from the account admin area. We also provide secure 2-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to the management panel.

*A VPN creates a secure, dedicated, and encrypted connection to the internet.

If you are tech-savvy, you will know that there are multiple ways your behavior can be tracked online. Even with a VPN, web services like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others can track your internet usage with cookies even after you have exited their sites. Also, VPNs can only do so much to keep you anonymous online. So, if you really want to be anonymous on the net or access the dark web, then use Tor. Unlike a VPN, Tor goes through several server nodes, which means it is harder to trace. By using Cyber Patrols Torguard VPN gives your business the fastest and most secure anonymous VPN on the net.

Businesses leverage VPNs to provide access to network resources when staff are not physically in the office. The advantage is that staff can access their network over a secure encrypted connection, improving productivity and safety.  Due to COVID-19, we have seen a huge uptake of our VPN and services allowing the business to continue operating by offering their staff remote working.

A VPN allows your business to connect easily and from anywhere. This can save you costs associated with long-distance phone calls, eliminates the need for expensive long-distance leased lines, and offloads support costs. 

Business VPNs safeguard the information employees send and receive online and protect their internet connections from unauthorized intrusion. One of the most powerful uses of a business VPN is safe and secure data sharing between cohorts, colleagues, and those outside the organization.

If for no other reason than secured data sharing, a business VPN is an invaluable tool in the wake of unprecedented company data breaches and the FBI reporting hacking up by 400 percent since April.

Traditional business VPNs require a substantial amount of time, energy, and effort to integrate with a company's existing network. Depending on how many users you have, how many servers you need to provide VPN access to, and the budget to accomplish this, it can be a challenging task for smaller companies or those without an existing IT department. However, by using Cyber Patrols VPN management service saves your business both time and money and requires a fraction of the setup costs associated with traditional business VPNs.

Unless you use a managed cloud VPN service, you will need a team to help manage the security and operations of your VPN. Typically, existing operational engineers can assist with this, but in many cases, you will need to dedicate someone full time to your VPN management and updates. Remove the stress of managing your VPN buy using Cyber Patrols VPN management service allowing for a clean, secure, and working VPN environment which is critical for customers and employees and will reduce the continuous cost to your business of hiring a VPN manager or training a member of staff.

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