We protect your clients, their assets & their reputations. Not just their computers.

CyberPatrols white-label technology is a ready-made licensed Online Close Protection Cybersecurity solution.


Our aim is to take your business online, increase customer loyalty and trust, saving you resources and the time necessary for new solution development and deployment.

CyberPatrols White Label Solution requires a zero-capital investment -- we handle all issues relating to software licensing, data center space and servers, costs on logistics with tech & sales support.

Your clients are shielded and monitored 24/7 by our team of professional cyber threat analysts.

Our solution is already protecting a select group of celebrities who are internationally known in the worlds of fashion, business, politics, media, sport, and TV. We do not only focus on protecting individuals, but we also provide protection to a global family of corporate, commercial, charitable, and private clients.

Our White label solution is a ready-made, fully tailored solution that makes branding amazingly simple. Through our partnership, you will get to market faster and provide your customers with an Online Close Protection Solution. Furthermore, our technology is best in class already proving itself during the 2012 Olympic games by not just protecting the athletes both on and off the track, but by protecting the Olympic Games itself.